Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Parties: Go With a Purpose and a Plan Even If . . .

Networking Survival Tip for Lawyers this Holiday Season: go with a purpose and a plan even if it is a purely social and non work related party.

If you just want to relax, have a good time and talk with your friends, that is your purpose and your plan. Permit yourself to do just that and you will. You will be guilt-free and relaxed.

Similarly, if you are going to a work-related party that you will log as business development time, know your purpose for attending and how you will achieve it. Maybe you want to catch up with five people you haven't seen in a while. Perhaps you want to meet three potential referral sources. How about a new client as a result of attending this party? By going with a purpose and a plan, you will spend your time more effectively and you will be that much closer to getting what you want.

Another word of advice - - only ask for a business card from people you actually connected with and enjoyed meeting. If you can't imagine ever having coffee with someone, sending them an email, or putting them together with someone else, save yourself time and angst afterwards. You don't have to get their card.