Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Event Networking - Another Example of What Works & Why

I spoke about event networking yesterday to lawyers in the Macomb County Bar Association. Before the lunch started one of the lawyers asked me a question about my blog post "Elevator Speak: What Not To Say". Yet as I began the event networking discussion, that lawyer, and others, admitted she is reluctant to start talking with strangers and that she doesn't like going to networking events. When I showed surprise because she had been very direct in starting a conversation with me, she said she had had no problem because she was curious. I couldn't have planned a better answer and segue.

CURIOUS. CURIOSITY. Being curious about other people is a key to talking with complete strangers. This lawyer was curious about me so she started reading my blog. Because she was curious about a post, she asked me a question. I was curious about the group and their networking challenges, so I asked them questions. They asked each other questions. Several of them kept talking with each other afterwards. It's curious. . . pretty effective networking at a lunch & learn about event networking.

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