Monday, May 24, 2010

Different Job Ideas for New Lawyers?

I saw these supposedly real life examples for new lawyers in a comment to an posting. The article doesn't tell us anything new but I thought the comment's examples of treating your law degree like some other kind of advanced degree in this economy are worth sharing.

* "Interested in business: One of my classmates got a job as a closing agent with an escrow company, worked her way up to part-time in-house counsel, then CEO, then owner, now retired with a lakefront home. Treat your law degree like an MBA and apply for the same type of jobs."

* "Interested in government: One of my classmates got a job as a clerk in the county assessor’s office, then a manager, then ran for the state legislature and served a term, then into private practice with a mid-sized firm with a land use and government relations focus. Treat your law degree like a Masters in Public Administration and apply accordingly."

Most careers now, in the law and elsewhere, are more like marathons than sprints. They require endurance for the long haul.