Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your Year In Review: 100 Accomplishments

We're near year end. It's a time for year end awards like Person of the Year and retrospectives like The Year's Best and Worst [anything]. It's also a good time for the rest of us to review our year and acknowledge ourselves for what we did and who we were this year.

In December I ask my clients to give themselves a gift. I ask them to create a list of 100 things they accomplished during the year. As they make the list, they realize that they accomplished a lot more than they thought they did. And at some point in the list-making process, they usually realize it's not always about the "doing", it's also about the "being".

What does that mean? Make your list of 100 accomplishments and you'll find out.

You'll probably start with easy metrics related to work. At some point you will start thinking about all of the things you did in your personal life as well. Eventually you will get to more of who you were -- perhaps how you remained resilient, persevered, asserted yourself , met new people, were a friend or deepened relationships.

I know this is a hard assignment for people who were raised not to brag about themselves. If this sounds familiar, ask yourself what it is to brag.

You don't have to share your year end list with anyone. But do take the time and acknowledge yourself for what you did and who you were in 2009. A great coach I know calls this "savoring your year."

Give yourself this gift. Notice what happens when you do.