Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keeping It Simple

I went to a local "Bar" dinner in a nearby city this week at the encouragement of another lawyer. I didn't know if I would know anyone or what the format would be like - - I knew it wasn't a holiday party. I'm not a member, I couldn't find anything about it on the Web, and for several trivial reasons I almost didn't go.

It turned out to be an elegantly simple idea started more than 30 years ago by lawyers in the city who wanted to get together for dinner once a month. There are no dues, no officers, no bylaws, no applications. There is no program, no speaker, no website. The group has dinner at the same place every month. There is no charge. You pay your own drink tab but the dinner is covered. There were about 35 lawyers this month because of the holidays. I'm told it ranges from 15-40.

The only requirement is that when it's your turn every few years, you and two others split the restaurant bill in thirds. The restaurant has your name and bills you.

What a perfectly simple idea: people getting together with no agenda and no obligations. Just pay when it's your turn.

I sent an email to the woman who tells people when it's their turn so that I can go again and know that I'm in the rotation. I met a lot of friendly lawyers who made me feel welcome. I look forward to the next one.

Keeping it simple. Works for me.