Friday, April 1, 2011

Job Search Tip #1 for Lawyers - Stop Applying For Everything

She was mad. She had been rejected for a job as an associate that she didn't want, doing work she knew she wouldn't like and probably getting paid 40% less than her previous salary. She didn't understand why she hadn't received an offer after her interview at the firm. She was mad for several weeks.

He was mad. He had been told during an interview that he was overqualified. It was a first year associate position doing work he knew he wouldn't like, for very little pay, in a work environment he would not otherwise choose, but he needed money. He was mad for a while.

If these examples sound like you, or your job search strategy is to spend all of your time online applying to every law related job you find, and/or sending your resume to every law firm within 75 miles, stop and think for a minute. What is your ROI? What is the return on your time and efforts?

If all you are getting in return is mad, depressed or burned out, don't give up all hope. You don't have to start studying for another state's bar exam. There is a better way.

First, Stop Applying To Every Legal Job Posting You Find.

When you limit your efforts to jobs you actually want and for which you are a strong candidate, writing cover letters is easier. You will notice it immediately. You will know how your skills, experience, interests and background fit the job description and the value you will bring to the employer. Your letter and application will be more persuasive. Your fit and desire will show more convincingly in an interview.

By being selective about the jobs you apply for, you are more likely to stand out and you will save time, money and energy.

Why set yourself up for depression or frustration from rejection or silence about positions for which you had no reason to stand out or jobs you didn't want? That can't be the best possible use of your time and resources.

Next post's law job search tip: If You Are Not Working, Start Working For Free.

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