Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Resisting The Urge": Today's Real Life Lesson in Networking

On December 18th I posted a challenge to resist your last minute urge to skip an event you had planned to attend. I adhered to this challenge again today and am glad I did.

Late this afternoon I almost didn't go to a get-together of the local new lawyers & criminal law sections. No rsvp had been necessary and I hadn't told anyone I was going. I had a coaching call at 7:00 p.m. I needed to be back for and I knew I could attend for only less than an hour. However, I had a couple of suits ready to contribute to the event's "suits for success" drive and I knew I could get there, be there and be back in plenty of time. So I went.

As it turns out, a free lance reporter for the local online paper was covering the event and interviewing people who brought in suit donations. One of the organizers directed him my way. Fortunately, or at least hopefully, between the two of us we managed to come up with something a little snappier than "I got a notice from the county bar association so I brought some suits."

In addition, I learned some helpful information from the reporter that I can use in coaching my lawyer clients who are enhancing their marketing efforts. I also had a bite to eat for dinner, met a few new people and caught up with a few I already know. A nice and useful forty minutes.

My comments may end up on the virtual editing room floor, but if I hadn't resisted my last minute urge not to attend, I wouldn't have even met the reporter or learned information I can share in my lawyer coaching.

p.s. As it turns out, I made the cut....